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Land Use Planning

Oleg Verbenkov, B.A., C.S.P., MCIP, RPP

Oleg Verbenkov is an expert in land use and development planning, and has over 30 years of combined public and private sector experience. As senior planner and senior project manager, he is usually the lead consultant in multi-disciplinary assignments involving various professional services i.e., engineering (civil, traffic, geotechnical, etc.), environmental, architecture, landscape architecture, survey, appraisal, and land economics, etc. As the lead consultant on interdisciplinary consulting teams, Oleg is called upon to handle challenging assignments that typically involve difficult site conditions, complex negotiations or competing visions.

Oleg is a skilled facilitator and consensus-builder. As an accomplished Planner, Oleg is also a qualified expert witness who has appeared before the BC Land Reserve Commission, BC Expropriation and Compensation Board, arbitration panels and the BC Supreme Court. He is a full Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

Laura Jones, B.A., C.S.B.A., MCIP, RPP

Senior Development Planner

Laura is an experienced project planner. She prepares and manages development applications through municipal development approval process and attends to various types of public consultation. Laura co-ordinates projects with local government agencies, engineers, surveyors, architects, landscape architects and project managers. As project planner Laura brings past local government experience to strengthen her current role. With a wide range of experiences in the development field Laura prepares Sustainability reports, through analyzing the costs and benefits or incorporating sustainable building measures.

Eric Wang, MSc., MRTPI, MCIP, RPP
Urban Design Planner

Eric is an experienced urban design planner in land use planning, urban design and project management. His education combines architectural design, and city and regional planning. He is a registered professional planner in both Canada and United Kingdom. He specializes in highest and best land use planning studies, expropriation impact assessment, master plan and urban design. He has prepared land use reports, subdivision layouts, site plans and design guidelines for a variety of residential, industrial, commercial developments. He has developed a holistic understanding of land use planning, site planning, urban design and land development. Eric also has a background in heritage area preservation and brownfield land redevelopment.

Eric是加拿大及英国注册的专业城市规划师, 他在土地利用规划、城市设计, 房地产开发及项目管理等方面的经验非常丰富。Eric能讲流利的国、粤、英语。他的教育背景包括建筑设计、城市及区域规划等领域,多年来专注于最佳土地用途方案的规划研究、商住及工业项目总体规划,土地分割, 规划审批等。



Christopher Correia, M.Pl., RPP, MCIP

Christopher brings his extensive education background in planning, land economics, and geography fields. With experience in the municipal planning and brokerage sectors, he holds a comprehensive understanding of the multiple influences faced by the planning field. He is responsible providing support for the development applications, preparing highest and best use assessments, and preparing planning rationales.

Rosa Shih, B.E.S., M.A. (Planning)
Planning Analyst

Rosa is a planning analyst with a wide skill set drawn from private and public sector planning experience.  She is responisble for coordinating and providing support for development approval processes, conducting land use research, producing urban design briefs, and preparing planning rationales.  Rosa's educational and professional background combines international development, urban design, environmental management, and city and regional planning.



Claude Cartelier, MSc., CPESC
Senior Project Biologist

Claude specializes in conducting environmental impact assessments, watercourse studies, riparian compensation design, and habitat management planning. Claude’s work focuses on conducting detailed fish and wildlife assessments, fish enumeration, salvaging operations, and sediment and erosion control planning. He is also responsible for the implementation of environmental based projects requiring the production of technical reports, database analysis and obtaining approvals from governing municipalities.

Technical Administration

Judith Johansen
Office Administrator

Judy has worked in the engineering and planning field for the last fifteen years and is responsible for Pacific Land Group’s business administration. Judy is a graduate of the Business Management Program at Kwantlen College.




Hub Engineering

Mike Kompter, B.A. Sc., M.A. Sc., P.Eng.
Senior Engineer/Principal

Mike Kompter has over 20 years of combined private and public sector experience dealing with engineering and regulatory issues in land development, municipal and parks projects. Mike manages the construction of municipal services on both small and large-scale residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects. Mike acts as project manager for both public and private sector clients. He coordinates inter-disciplinary consultants, provides feasibility studies, and negotiates project approvals from government agencies and municipal engineering departments. Mike provides the necessary support when dealing with drainage and environmental issues and outside agencies. Mike has worked on projects in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Rod Gonzalez, B.A. Sc., P.Eng.
Senior Engineer/Principal

Rod has provided civil engineering and land development consulting services since 1987. As Senior Engineer, he has designed and managed a wide range of industrial, commercial, institutional, Municipal, Parks and residential projects throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island regions of British Columbia. Rod has acted as an expert witness at BC Expropriation Board and Supreme Court of BC hearings.

South Fraser Land Surveying Ltd.

Dave Dyck, B.C.L.S.
Professional Land Surveyor/Principal

Dave is a registered land surveyor with 30 years of professional land survey experience. Dave's experience includes all aspects of land development and construction surveys: topographic, building leaseholds, legal, subdivision layout, strata, and control survey. Dave and his staff employ state of the art survey tools to ensure the successful completion of assignments in a timely and cost effective manner.