Environment Overview


Sediment & Erosion Control

PLG works with numerous municipalities throughout Metro Vancouver to create practical and attainable solutions to sediment control regulations. We provide detailed, staged, and comprehensive storm water management plans for development of all sizes. Learn more

We work with Floc Systems, which specializes in treatment systems to remove turbidity, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons from waste water.

Fish, Wildlife & Habitat Assessments

PLG is committed to supporting the existing natural systems, by providing opportunities for habitat retention or enhancement. Habitat and ecological baseline assessments of fish and wildlife are fundamental in sustainable planning. This work focuses on the mediation of negative impacts, and preservation of marine and terrain species, and their habitats. Our Environmental Resource Division has the expertise to conduct thorough field analyses, in accordance to governmental regulations and land use planning requirements. Learn more

Environmental Monitoring

Our environmental monitoring ensures site specific designs are implemented on the ground and allows for modifications to address changing onsite conditions. As an environmental monitor we mitigate the impacts of construction activity and provide innovative and cost effect solutions. Learn more

"Credit must go to the corporate teams from Pacific Land Group that listened to our concerns and considered the safety of the environment in the event of a possible fuel spill."

- Phillip Milligan, President
Little Campbell Watershed Society