Sediment and Erosion Control




Our Sediment and Erosion Control Services include:

  • Preparation of terms of reference
  • Managing government agencies and public approval processes
  • Managing and coordinating all professional services including planning, survey, architectural, environmental, and engineering
  • Design and implementation of development strategies, including:
        • Land Acquisition Strategies
    • Conceptual Planning & Design
    • Full Working Drawings
  • Municipal & Outside Agency Approvals
  • Building Permits
  • Tendering & Contracts
  • Scheduling & Contract Administration
  • Certification & Construction Management
  • Completion

Some Areas of Expertise Are Highlighted Below



Pacific Land Group works with numerous municipalities throughout Metro Vancouver to create practical and attainable solutions to sediment control regulations. We provide detailed, staged and comprehensive storm water management plans for development projects of all sizes. Our affiliate group at Floc Systems Inc. Floc Systems,specializes in treatment systems and

flocculants to remove turbidity, heavy metals and hydrocarbons from waste water.

Combining the expertise of our engineering and environmental departments, we provide detailed, staged and comprehensive storm water management plans for small to large developments. Having a storm water management/sediment and erosion control plan at the start of a project is the best way to avoid irreversible sediment and erosion issues.

Environmental Monitoring:

Environmental Monitoring ensures site specific designs are implemented on the ground and allows for modifications to address changing onsite conditions. As an environmental monitor, we mitigate the impacts of construction activity and provide innovative and cost effect solutions.


Construction Environmental Management Plans:

Our team of skilled environmental scientists have prepared more than 300 Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs), for a variety of clients (infrastructure, mining, development, linear construction). A CEMP is typically a requirement for subcontractors reporting to a prime contractor or consultant to outline how they plan to maintain compliance with regulations during construction activities.


Post Construction Assessment/Post-Construction Monitoring

Following the completion of the project, PLG’s QEPs perform post-construction monitoring to check the functionality of the newly installed features (e.g. riparian vegetation, ponds) and to ensure effectiveness and compliance with the regulatory guidelines. PLG’s QEPs also conduct post-construction assessments to inspect the integrity of the newly established ecological communities (e.g. watercourse or riparian habitat) and to certify the release of project bonding.



Our Successful Projects

  • Loblaws Food Distribution Facility, Surrey

    PLG as the lead consultant for the first LEED sliver accredited industrial development (421,000 ft2) in the Campbell Heights area, South Surrey.  We provided environmental consulting services for sediment control, and coordinated the retention of trees on site.  Learn more
  • Cloverdale Cold Storage, Surrey

    PLG as the lead consultant for the industrial development (130,635 ft2), achieved 27 points of LEED rating system at 188th Street and 32nd Avenue, Surrey.  We provided environmental consulting services for the Environmental Review Committee (ERC) and sediment control works on site.  Learn more 

"Credit must go to the corporate teams from Pacific Land Group that listened to our concerns and considered the safety of the environment in the event of a possible fuel spill."

- Phillip Milligan, President
Little Campbell Watershed Society