Land Use Planning Overview


Project Management

Using specialized teams drawn from both in-house expertise and our associated consultant network, we provide the talent and skills to ensure successful project completion – from vision to reality. Learn more

Highest & Best Use Land Analysis

Our highest and best land use analyses are used to determine optimal development potential for unique and/ or challenging properties as well as to assess the development and financial impacts of a partial land taking for public rights-of-way. Learn more

Public Consultation

Effective community input and appropriate responses from the planning team can significantly improve a project's chances at the political level. Learn more

Expropriation, Acquisition & Disposition

Land use assessments are used in expropriation and land disposition cases, and provide a necessary input for determining a property's market value. While the study approach is essentially similar in each case - the impetus for the study, the manner in which the information is used, and the physical characteristics of each site are always unique. Learn more

Land Development & Approvals

PLG's professional staff has extensive public and private sector experience designing and managing successful land development projects. Our Principals have held senior government positions and have experience in preparing projects for approval by elected officials. Learn more


We have an integrated project team of planners, engineers, certified sustainable building advisors and environmental experts to help you implement a sustainable project. We pride ourselves on continued education of the latest technologies in such areas as building technology, stormwater management, and sediment and erosion design. Learn more

"Our success is the direct result of your ability to understand the needs of approval agencies and to ensure maximum utilization of the property."

- Mary Cue
Director of Development
Anthem Industrial Ltd.