Expropriation, Acquisition and Disposition


Land use assessments are used in expropriation and land disposition cases, and provide a necessary input for determining a property's market value. They are also used to assess the development and financial impacts of a partial taking for public rights-of-way. Property purchases/dispositions, right-of-way acquisitions, development feasibility analyses, expropriations, and litigation matters can also be supported by our land use evaluation strategies.

We have prepared numerous expropriation impact assessments - for private land owners, property appraisers, municipal governments, senior government agencies, financial institutions, developers and investor groups. While the study approach is essentially similar in each case - the impetus for the study, the manner in which the information is used, and the physical characteristics of each site are always unique.

Study Process:

In determining the land taking impacts on a subject property, we will typically prepare one or more conceptual pre-taking and post-taking site plans to determine a property's optimal development potential - i.e., confirmation of net developable site areas, floor area/unit yields, etc. Our land use analyses are supported by a detailed planning rationale, and consider all pertinent factors, including:

  • Property size and location
  • Physical site characteristics
  • Official Community Plan designation(s)
  • Existing and proposed zoning
  • Summary Report to Client and Planning Departments
  • Municipal planning and land use policies
  • Required environmental setbacks and dedications
  • Market supply/demand conditions
  • Feasibility and cost of servicing the land
  • Site access opportunities
  • Surrounding land use context
  • Local development activity

Key Benefits

Our expropriation impact assessments:
  • Clearly identify land taking impacts on a subject propertyuse
  • Enable property appraisers to establish a more precise market value
  • Help simplify the negotiation process
  • Allow settlements to be reached in a more timely manner

Our Clients

  • British Pacific Properties Ltd.
  • District of West Vancouver
  • City of Surrey
  • Township of Langley
  • Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  • Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP
  • Robertson, Downe, & Mullally
  • Peterson Stark Scott Barristers and Solicitors

Our Successful Projects

  • Eagleridge Lands

    PLG was the coordinating consultant for assessing impacts and potential density loss of the Sea to Sky highway land taking on properties totaling 515 acres at Eagleridge, District of West Vancouver. Learn more

  • BC Hydro Transmission ROW

    PLG was the coordinating consultant for assessing development potential impacts on properties affected by BC Hydro Transmission ROW land taking at Abbotsford.
    Learn more

  • 192 Street Overpass

    PLG was commissioned by the owner's engineer to identify and compare frontage road options for the properties affected by a proposed rail overpass in Surrey. Learn more

  • 196 Street Overpass

    PLG was tasked with identifying and comparing vehicle display area and storage potential before and after taking at Willowbrook Motors which was affected by a proposed overpass in City of Langley. Learn more

"Our success is the direct result of your ability to understand the needs of approval agencies and to ensure maximum utilization of the property."

- Mary Cue
Director of Development
Anthem Industrial Ltd.