Civil Engineering Services – Pacific Land Group

Our civil engineering group offers a broad range of civil engineering services for municipal land development and building projects. Civil engineering services include but are not limited to providing help and support in tendering process, construction cost estimate to municipal engineering design & planning, construction design, working drawing, construction project management, construction inspection & supervision.

Oleg Verbenkov
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Talk to us about best & highest land use analysis. Please contact Oleg a senior planner and senior project manager with over 30 years of combined public and private sector experience in managing land use and development matters that can include supportive disciplines such as: engineering, environmental, urban design, landscape architecture, survey, appraisal and land economics.

Engineering Project Management

Our engineering group offers project management services to facilitate various types of development projects, including: industrial, commercial/high-tech, residential and institutional.

  • Preliminary engineering planning
  • Preliminary servicing design
  • Coordination of required sub consultants such as, mechanical, structural and architectural
  • Submissions to and processing approvals through regulatory authorities

Engineering Design & Construction

Our detailed engineering design and construction works include: preparation of site layouts for an array of project types, site and lot grading plans, on-site and off-site servicing works, and road works.  Our team also provides construction supervision, and inspection services to ensure all works being done are up to standards.

Construction Tendering

Our team of Professional Engineers and drafters facilitate and manage various types of development projects, including: industrial, commercial/high-tech, residential, and institutional. The management process includes consultation with municipal staff, to achieve the most efficient, and cost-effective option for our clients. We have successfully completed projects of various magnitudes, in numerous municipalities throughout the Province of BC.

Feasibility Studies & Construction Cost Estimates

Feasibility studies, including construction cost estimates are typically provided prior to the start of a project. This report identifies the potential costs (including construction costs, municipal charges, and consulting fees) of a project, and presents the most feasible options. Based on our experience and knowledge of municipal standards and regulations, our feasibility studies present an accurate description of the works, and fees required to complete a project.