Other Environmental Services – Post-construction Monitoring

Following the completion of the project, PLG’s Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) perform post-construction monitoring to check the functionality of the newly installed features (e.g. riparian vegetation, ponds) and to ensure effectiveness and compliance with the regulatory guidelines.

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Talk to our environmental professionals. Please contact Kyla, a QEP with experience in watercourse assessments, Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) assessments, bird nest surveys, fish and wildlife salvages, environmental monitoring, and the preparation of Sensitive Ecosystem Development Plans (SEDP), Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), and Invasive Species Management Plans (ISMP).

PLG’s QEPs also conduct post-construction assessments to inspect the integrity of the newly established ecological communities (e.g. watercourse or riparian habitat) follow prescribed riparian/landscape planting plans and to certify the release of project bonding.

Other Environmental Services – P-15 Monitoring

As part of the City of Surrey’s policy number P-15, all riparian planting completed as part of habitat compensation works for proposed development are required to adhere to a P-15 Agreement. The P-15 Agreement requires yearly monitoring of plantings and planting area by a QEP for a project-specific duration defined by the City (typically a 5-year term).

Erosion and Sediment Control & Construction Monitoring

Environmental construction monitoring ensures site specific designs are implemented on the ground and allows for modifications to address changing onsite conditions. As an environmental construction monitor, PLG’s QEPs mitigate the impacts of construction activity and provide innovative and cost effective solutions. Read more about Construction Monitoring.