Sustainable Development & Sustainable Solutions

PLG integrates sustainability principles in our wide range of planning services, allowing our clients to design and build projects that meet the highest standards in green building and neighbourhood design. We assist our clients in determining practical sustainable initiatives early in the design process, which allows for significant cost saving benefits. Project coordination and management of supporting consultants ensures early support/backing by local government and timely approvals and support throughout the design and construction stages of the project.

Oleg Verbenkov
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Talk to us about Sustainable Development Solutions. Please contact Oleg a senior planner and senior project manager with over 30 years of combined public and private sector experience in managing land use and development matters that includes supportive disciplines such as: engineering, environmental, urban design, landscape architecture, survey, appraisal and land economics.

Sustainability Consultant

Our expertise and experience in sustainable development planning allows us to come up with site unique designs and initiatives specific to the location, taking into account local physical and environmental conditions and political/public expectations. We have an integrated project team of planners, engineers, certified sustainable building advisors and environmental experts to help you implement sustainable building. We pride ourselves on continued education of the latest technologies in such areas as building technology, stormwater management, sediment and erosion design, and renewable energy.

Certified Sustainable Green Building Advisor

Our staff accreditation brings the latest knowledge and expertise to offer sustainable solutions in our projects:

  • Development Applications which identify and assess key sustainable building practices and goals
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of incorporating specific sustainable building measures
  • Application of LEED™, Built Green™, Energy Star™, and other relevant site specific criteria or established guidelines
  • Assist designers, architects, builders, operators, and utilities managers to achieve sustainability in their projects

Our Successful Projects

Delsom Estates (Sunstone Community)

PLG acted as the lead consultant for a 107 acre master-planned community which included park, commercial, multi-family and single family uses at 84th Avenue and Nordel Way, Delta. Learn more

Loblaw Food Distribution Facility

PLG was the lead consultant for the first Canadian LEED silver accredited Food Distribution Facility (421,000 ft2) in the Campbell Heights industrial area, South Surrey. Learn more

Cloverdale Cold Storage

PLG was the lead consultant for the food storage industrial development (130,635 ft2) which achieved LEED equivalent rating at 188th Street and 32nd Avenue, Surrey. Learn more