Who We Are – Pacific Land Group

Pacific Land Group is a regional land-use consulting firm with a unique combination of land-planners, environmental specialists, and urban designers. We specialize in developing creative solutions to difficult land use, design, and development questions.

Working towards one goal Effective Land Use Planning & Environmental Solutions

Who are we?

  • Land use and development consulting firm
  • Founded in 1996
  • Core team of 9 members
  • Planners, urban designers, project managers and environmental specialists
  • Specialize in solving complex land use and related environmental issues

What do we do?

  • Work for both private and public clients
  • Typically involves tough land use issues, we specialize in highest and best land use studies hired by property appraisal firms, lawyers, local government, developers and private property owners
  • Development approvals- managing development projects through municipal approval process which can involve extensive public consultation programs and putting together design teams with the right sub consultants to address the specific project needs

What makes us stand out?

  • Innovative solutions for complex land issues
  • We think outside the box, identify how to achieve a solution and then determine how to accomplish this within the existing guiding policies and legislations applicable to the project

What are we passionate about?

  • Cost effective, unique solutions
  • Bringing businesses to our region
  • Creating a positive work environment for our staff- supporting our team`s interests

Land Use and Development Planning

Oleg Verbenkov

Oleg Verbenkov, BA, CSP, MCIP, RPP

Oleg is an expert in land use and development planning with over 30 years of combined public and private sector experience. As senior planner and senior project manager, he leads our teams in multi-disciplinary assignments involving various professional services, including engineering, environmental, urban design, landscape architecture, survey, appraisal and land economics. Oleg is a skilled facilitator and is often called upon to handle challenging assignments that typically involve difficult site conditions, complex negotiations or competing visions.

Laura Jones

Laura Jones, BA, CSBA, MCIP, RPP
Senior Development Planner

Laura is an experienced development Planner with over 11 years in the private sector. With a background that includes local government experience, Laura excels at preparing and managing development applications. She is skilled in project coordination with local government agencies, engineers, surveyors, architects, landscape architects and project managers. With a wide range of experiences in the development field, Laura is an expert at understanding big picture planning principles, breaking them down and identifying the key tasks to create a successful development strategy.

Eric Wang

Eric Wang, MSc, MRTPI, MCIP, RPP
Senior Urban Design Planner

Eric is a registered professional planner in both Canada and the United Kingdom. His education combines architectural design, and city and regional planning. Eric specializes in community and neighbourhood land use planning, urban design, master planning, land assembly and development, municipal approval and project management. He has engaged with local developers and international investors on a variety of residential, industrial, commercial developments, and is up to date with the most recent land development trends, development cost, municipal policies, neighbourhood concept plans and major infrastructure improvements.

Rosa Shih

Rosa Shih, BES, MA (Planning)

Rosa is a planning analyst with a comprehensive skill set drawn from private and public-sector planning experience in British Columbia and Ontario. She is responsible for coordinating and managing municipal approval processes including public consultation. Rosa is also responsible for conducting detailed land use research, producing urban design briefs, preparing highest and best land use assessments, and preparing planning rationales. Rosa's educational and professional background combines international development, urban design, environmental management, and city and regional planning.

Tyler Erickson

Tyler Erickson, BA (Geography), MCP
Planning Analyst

Tyler is a planning assistant with a Master of Community Planning. His experience includes work with local and provincial governments, private consultants, as well as volunteer opportunities provided throughout his education. He also has a background in urban geography, and has a developed skillset in interpreting regulation, analyzing development constraints/opportunities, and drafting development concepts.

Afrooz Fallah

Afrooz Fallah, MA (Urban Planning & Urban Design)
Planning Assistant

Afrooz is a planning assistant with a diverse background in urban planning and urban design. Being proficient in ArcGIS and AutoCAD, as well as, SketchUp, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and InDesign, Afrooz is supporting the planning division and her work involves a full range of project-related tasks such as data collection and analysis, graphics and spatial analysis, best practices research, land-use research, proposal preparation, technical report writing, preparing drawings and presentations.

Environmental and Floc Systems

Kyla Milne

Kyla Milne, BSc, RPBio, QEP
Environmental Specialist/Lead Biologist

Kyla is PLG’s head Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) and has a background in terrestrial and aquatic ecology. She has significant experience conducting watercourse assessments, environmental monitoring, and other field assessments (e.g., bird nest surveys, RAPR). Kyla is certified to prepare and sign off on Ecosystem Development Plans (EDP) and Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP). She is well versed in local government approvals (Water Sustainability Act, Scientific Fish Collection Permits, and Species at Risk Inventories).

Melissa Zheng

Melissa Zheng, BSc, BIT, BC-CESCL
Project Biologist

Melissa is a Biologist in Training (BIT) with Bachelor degrees in biology, conservation ecology, and ecological restoration. Her environmental industry experience sets the foundation for her specialization in environmental and watercourse assessments, riparian habitat restoration, wildlife surveys, vegetation community inventory and management, water quality sampling and monitoring, and environmental reporting and compliance. Melissa is skilled in the preparation of environmental reports, such as Ecosystem Development Plans (EDP), Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), Riparian Area Protection Regulation (RAPR) assessment reports, Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Monitoring reports, and Habitat Restoration/Compensation Plans. She is also well versed in multi-government legislation, including the preparation of various approvals and applications [e.g., WSA applications, DFO Request for Review (RFR) applications, and wildlife salvage permits].

John McDonald, MSc, BIT, BC-CESCL
ESC Technician/Junior Biologist

John joins the PLG Environmental Division as a Biologist in Training (BIT) with a Master of Science in Ecological Restoration. John specializes in Watercourse Classification Confirmation Assessments (WCCA), Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) monitoring and reporting, and water quality monitoring. He is also well versed in the application, installation, and monitoring of products and services for PLG's sister company, Floc Systems.



Chau Le

Civil Technologist/Floc Systems Specialist

Chau is a Civil Technologist who works in collaboration with Pacific Land Group's Planning and Environmental Divisions to create custom design solutions specific to each project. Chau also collaborates with Hub Engineering and PLG/Floc Systems to assist with engineering design plans, Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and water quality solutions.


May Thwin, PCP
Payroll and Accounting Administrator

May joined Pacific Land Group's Administration in 2019 and is the face of our administration team. She has over ten years of experience in customer service, accounting, business administration, and payroll. 

Valerie Hollman

Valerie Hollman
Office Receptionist

Valerie has been our Receptionist since 2017. Her experience stems from 15 years in a customer service position, and her responsibilities at PLG include switchboard operation, office letter preparation, and courier/mail service coordination.