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Pacific Land Group has assembled an experienced team of professional planners, biologists, engineers, surveyors, and associated professionals to provide land use, development, and environmental expertise to private and public sector clients. Our clients include area developers, government land asset managers, municipal and government agencies, lawyers, real estate managers, landowners, and appraisers.

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May 2024

2024 Instream Season - Secure your Permits Now!

Summer is almost here and with it comes the instream least risk timing window for any development/construction in or near water. This sensitive timing window typically falls between August 1 - September 15 annually and several approvals and permits are required. 

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2024: Bird Nest Season is in Full Swing

We're in the peak of bird nesting season here in BC and bird nest surveys are required for any land clearing occurring up until August 31. Some species require year-round protection and additional considerations are needed. 

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January 2024

2023: A Year in Review for the Environmental Division

As we dive headfirst into 2024, we would like to reflect on our “Year in Review” and celebrate some memorable moments for our Environment Team.

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New Provincial Regulations: Bill 44 and Bill 47

The Provincial Government has made amendments to the Local Government Act (LGA) and the Vancouver Charter (VC) that will promote density increases in zones that have previously been restricted to single- family dwellings and duplexes, and in transit-oriented areas. In an effort to combat the housing crisis, the BC Provincial Government has issued new regulations and policy manuals to serve as a guideline for local governments to update their zoning bylaws and Official Community Plans (OCPs). The goal of the new regulations is to help communities to achieve more affordable homes in existing neighborhoods within close proximity to transit hubs. The Province has released modelling scenarios for Bill 44 and Bill 47, which estimate that the new legislation could lead to between 216,000 and 293,000 new homes over the next 10 years.

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November 2023

City of Delta: New Development Application Procedures Bylaw

The newly proposed bylaw aims to expedite the development of homes and other community projects by accelerating the review process, and reducing the number of procedural steps required to obtain application approval.

If you wish to learn more about the City of Delta’s new Development Application Procedures Bylaw and how it affects you, you may contact one of our Planners at Pacific Land Group for more information at

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Bill 16: Amendments to the BC Transportation Act 

Pacific Land Group is pleased to provide land use and development services for many Transit-Oriented Development projects throughout Metro Vancouver, and assist land-owners in understanding how their properties may be affected by Bill 16 acquisitions.

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September 2023

Navigating VFPA Project and Environmental Review Process

Projects occurring within the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority's jurisdiction may require a Project and Environmental Review. Our team of Qualified Environmental Professional's are experienced in navigating this review process. 

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Summer 2023 Recap 

Our field crew has been busy this summer season!

Our time outside conducting bird nest surveys, fish salvages, amphibian salvages, watercourse assessments, and environmental reviews has brought us face to face with a few of nature’s creatures and critters.

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August 2023

Instream Work Windows 

The Instream Work Windows is now open! For the majority of watercourses within the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, the window opened on July 15th for Pacific Salmon, and August 1st for rainbow, steelhead, and cutthroat trout. Do you have a project requiring instream work permitting and approvals? Our team of Qualified Environmental Professionals are experienced in the process

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City of Langley Industrial Zoning Update

The City of Langley is updating its industrial zones. As an initial stage, the City has adopted changes to its "Light Industrial" (I1) zone. With these amendments, the City promotes greater economic competitiveness, land use efficiency and flexibility to accommodate new industrial uses. We actively provide land use and development services for more than 15 industrial projects, including food processing, outdoor storage, truck parking and warehousing facilities within Abbotsford, Burnaby, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Surrey and other BC communities. If you have any questions about the City of Langley's industrial zoning updates, inquire with our planning team today!

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August 2022

Environmental Site Assessments with Drones

Do you have a site with challenging access? Inquire about our environmental site assessment capabilities with drones! 

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July 2022

Changes to DFO RFR Review Timeline

A Effective immediatley, the DFO Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program is extending their review timeline for Request for Reviews (RFRs).

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February 2022

Bird Nesting Season Reminder

Bird nesting season is almost here! In BC, nesting season, or breeding bird windows, are typically between March 1 and August 31. Planning on land clearing? A Bird Nest Survey may be required prior to any land clearing works especially during the breeding bird window. Book a Bird Nest Survey with one of our Qualified Environmental Professionals today!

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November 2020

Riparian Areas Protection Regulation ("RAPR") Update

On November 1, 2019, the Riparian Areas Regulation ("RAR") was amended and became the Riparian Areas Protection Regulation ("RAPR") under Section 12 of the Fish Protection Act. PLG’s Qualified Environmental Professional (“QEP”) are formally certified through Vancouver Island University’s Natural Resources Extension Program to complete RAPR assessments under the new Regulation. Just a reminder, RAPR legislation only applies to local government regulation or approval of residential, commercial, or industrial development or ancillary development under their jurisdiction in Part 14 (Planning and Land Use Management) of the Local Government Act.

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September 2020

Plant Health Inspections & Habitat Restoration

If you have a project that requires an annual plant health inspection (e.g., P-15, riparian health or post remediation), Fall is a great time to schedule this work! PLG is able to work with Clients to discuss their site’s needs, complete inspections based on municipality specific requirements, and prepare detailed planting/restoration plans (if necessary) based on local, provincial and/or federal requirements.

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September 2020

Watercourse Classification Confirmation Assessments ("WCCA")

The WCCA, completed by PLG’s Qualified Environmental Professional (“QEP”), consists of online background review, field assessment(s), setback applicability and determination, and report preparation. If there is a watercourse near or within your property (mapped or unmapped), setbacks may be required pending an assessment and appropriate classification of the watercourse by a QEP. A WCCA can provide valuable setback information for development purposes.

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September 2020

City of Surrey: Campbell Heights Business Park

The Campbell Heights Business Park is a developing industrial park in South Surrey spanning approximately 1,700 acres. PLG’s involvement in Campbell Heights Business Park dates back to the rezoning and subdivision of the original, 350-acre Phase 1 development. We have acted as the lead consultant for more than 20 projects in the Campbell Heights area, including B&B, Cloverdale Cold Storage, Loblaws Warehouse and Hopewell Developments.

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August 2020

Notice of Intent (“NOI”) Process & Soil/Fill Use Permits

The Notice of Intent (“NOI”) process is for landowners who wish to place fill or remove soil in the Agricultural Land Reserve (“ALR”). The NOI is submitted directly to the Agricultural Land Commission (“ALC”) for consideration by the CEO. If the placement or removal of fill does meet the Exempted Activities, an NOI application may be appropriate.

A Soil or Fill Use Permit application is for the placement or removal of soil in the ALR, and is typically submitted through the local government prior to consideration by members of the ALC.

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April 2020

Township of Langley: Development Cost Charges 2020

Township of Langley Council implemented a new Development Cost Charges Bylaw 2020 No. 5555 at its March 23, 2020 meeting. The new Development Cost Charges Bylaw repeals and replaces a 2012 bylaw and is intended to reflect current land acquisition values and construction costs.

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March 2020

It's Bird Nest Survey Season!

Spring is here, and with it comes the return of many migratory and resident birds looking to create or return to their nests within the Lower Mainland.  Planning ahead to schedule a Bird Nest Survey is crucial, and can help prevent delays and infractions over the course of your project.

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January 2020

Riparian Areas Protection Regulation ("RAPR"): 2019 Amendments

On November 1st, 2019, following recommendations from the Provincial Professional Reliance Review and the BC Ombudsperson’s Report on the Riparian Areas Regulation ("RAR"), the RAR was amended and became the Riparian Areas Protection Regulations ("RAPR").

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January 2020

Regional Transportation Development Cost Charges

On January 15, 2020, the Regional Transportation Development Cost Charges (“DCCs”) will enter its second year. Rates are based on per dwelling unit of per square foot of floor area, as defined in the Regional Transportation DCC Bylaw.

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January 2020

City of Surrey: Community Amenity Contribution and Density Bonus Program Update

On December 16, 2019, City of Surrey Council adopted bylaw changes for a City-wide Community Amenity Contribution (“CAC”) and updates to City Policy O-54 (Density Bonus Policy).

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October 2019

City of Surrey: Newton - King George Boulevard Land Use Plan Underway

On October 21, 2019, City of Surrey Council authorized the initiation of a land use planning and community consultation process for the Newton – King George Boulevard Land Use Plan. The Land Use Plan area spans between 68 Avenue and 56 Avenue (Highway 10) along the King George corridor.

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August 2019

City of Surrey: Grandview Heights Area 3 ("Darts Hill") Neighbourhood Concept Plan

Pacific Land Group ("PLG") has actively participated the Grandview Height Area 3 Neighbourhood Concept Plan process since 2017….

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August 2019 

City of Surrey: Guildford Town Centre – 104 Avenue Plan

Following the City of Surrey Council endorsement of the Stage 1 Guildford Town Centre – 104 Avenue Plan, a comprehensive review of servicing requirements will be undertaken to ensure that the Guildford Town Centre plan is achievable…

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August 2019

City of Vancouver: Joyce-Collingwood Station and Exchange Upgrades

As part of the TransLink Maintenance and Repair Program, the Joyce–Collingwood Station and Exchange upgrades ($46 million) were completed and re-opened recently. The station upgrades are funded by…

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June 2019 

Township of Langley: Brookswood-Fernridge Neighborhood Plans

Township of Langley Council recently endorsed Terms of Reference for neighbourhood planning in the Booth, Fernridge and Rinn areas of the Brookswood-Fernridge Community Plan. The planning process is expected to consist of three phases…

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April 2019

Surrey–Langley SkyTrain (“SLS”) Project and the upcoming public engagement in April 2019

A report outlining the upcoming public engagement on the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain (“SLS”) Project was delivered to City of Surrey Council on April 1, 2019. City staff will now begin work on a planning areas review with TransLink to confirm land use planning along 104 Avenue and King George Boulevard. Staff will review population and employment projections, and participate in the public engagement process together with TransLink.

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April 2019

Bill 15: Proposed Amendments to the Agricultural Land Commission Act

Bill 15, the Agricultural Land Commission Amendment Act 2019, was presented for first reading at the BC Legislature and continues to be a subject of provincial debate. The Bill proposes administrative changes to the ALC decision making structure. Changes to how (and who) can submit an exclusion application are also notable.

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March 2019

Bill 52: Changes to the ALC Act and Regulations
Residences in the ALR and the Placement of Fill

On February 22, 2019, B.C.'s Lieutenant Governor in Council approved the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) Regulations which brings into force changes to the Agricultural Land Commission Act under Bill 52. The main changes to these pieces of legislation pertain to limits on house sizes of residential uses and the placement of fill for properties in the ALR.

Through Bill 52, the principal residence of a parcel in the ALR is limited to 500 m2 (5,400 ft2) or less. Only one residence per parcel is permitted. Any residential use proposing more than one residential use and/or a floor area greater than 500 m2 is now required to submit an application for a "non-adhering residential use".

While the ALC Act and Regulations have previously contained provisions facilitating the construction of additional dwellings for farm help, manufactured homes for immediate family members, and accommodation above an existing farm building, these provisions have been repealed. Any request for these uses also require an application for a “non-adhering residential use”.

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February 2019

City of Richmond: CF Richmond Centre Affordable Housing Agreement and Market Rental Agreement

The City of Richmond Council has given first, second and third readings to permit the City of Richmond to enter into an Affordable Housing Agreement and a Market Rental Agreement with RC (South) Inc…

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February 2019

City of Richmond: Rezoning Application for Medical Cannabis Production Facility

The City of Richmond received an Application from Rosebud Productions Inc. to rezone a portion of 23000 Fraserwood Way, Richmond (Units 105, 110, and 115) to allow a licensed Health Canada medical cannabis production facility…

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October 2016

City of Surrey: Ecosystem Protection Measures

The City of Surrey recently adopted new by-law requirements called Ecosystem Protection Measures, including a new Sensitive Ecosystem Development Permit Area and new setbacks for Streamside Protection. These changes affect all properties within 50 m of the Green Infrastructure Area and within 50 m of the top of bank of any Class A, A/O, or B stream.

To meet the requirements, each application must include an Ecosystem Development Plan (based on accompany reports) to demonstrate how the Protection Areas (either a Green Infrastructure Area or Streamside Area) will be protected within the proposed development, based on an assessment of the current conditions. In cases where variances are needed for setback requirements, an Impact Mitigation Plan is required to detail how the proposed variance will not affect the health of the Ecosystem.

A Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) is required to prepare these plans. Pacific Land Group regularly works with Surrey’s regulations and can assist you with these requirements.

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November 7, 2014

Pacific Land Group was recently recognized by the Surrey Board of Trade as one of Surrey's best businesses. The Surrey Business Excellence Award was awarded to Pacific Land Group within the 1-10 employees category.

October 28, 2014

Pacific Land Group's Christopher Correia was recently featured in a Vancouver Sun article focusing on the constraints to, and costs of, commercial office development in Metro Vancouver.

October 24, 2014

NAIOP Vancouver released their second phase of the Long Term Forecast and Analysis of Metro Vancouver`s Industrial Lands. The report was prepared by Pacific Land Group and showcases the limited availability of industrial land across the region, specifically that Metro Vancouver has 2,919 acres of land or just over eleven years of supply left.

October 1, 2014

Pacific Land Group's newest project in Campbell Heights is highlighted in a recent Business in Vancouver article.