Land Use Planning

Urban and Agricultural Land Use Planning & Development

Pacific Land Group (PLG) is an experienced multidisciplinary development planning firm focused on delivering solutions to complex land use and development issues. Our expertise includes Development Planning and Approvals, Highest and Best Land Use Assessments, Expropriation Analyses, Project Management, Sustainability Reports and Public Consultation.

Land Use Planning is a large umbrella – the following are PLG’s areas of expertise:

Development Planning Approvals- From Urban to Rural, Greenfield to Brownfield, Town Centres to Agricultural Land – our staff can create a development approval strategy to meet your project needs.

Oleg Verbenkov
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Talk to us about urban planning and agricultural land use analysis. Please contact Oleg Verbenkov a senior planner and senior project manager with over 30 years of combined public and private sector experience in land planning including engineering, environmental, urban design, landscape architecture, survey, appraisal and land economics.

As development strategists, PLG’s team can create a unique roadmap tailored to your specific project in order to position it for success. We have a solid understanding of local community interests, policies and political atmosphere. A successful project begins with putting together an appropriate strategy including a specific consulting team to achieve approvals from Local Government and related agencies.

PLG's professional planning and urban design staff have extensive public and private sector experience designing and managing successful land development projects. Our Principal has held senior government position and has experience in preparing and coordinating projects for approval. PLG ‘s planning staff are registered professional planners and hold memberships in a number of related organizations.

Highest and Best Land Use Assessments

PLG can address straight forward and complex land use questions such as: “What can I do with this piece of property?” It doesn’t matter who you are, experienced developer, private property owner, local government or corporate firm. A Highest and Best Land Use Assessment will provide you with the key land use information you need to determine what to do next. Our team can identify actions required to achieve the approvals necessary to unlock the development potential of your property.

Expropriation Impact Analyses

Understanding the future development and Highest and Best Land Use potential of a property is the first step in assessing the impact and subsequent land value associated with an expropriation. PLG examines and integrates a comprehensive land development analysis. We analyze development potential from many angles, including Municipal/Provincial regulations, local policies, environmental and civil engineering perspectives and other applicable parameters.

The impacts of expropriation on physical elements such as site access, potential building footprint, parking and required setbacks are examined in order to determine impact of expropriation. PLG collaborates with other professionals to strengthen the expropriation analyses. Defining the impact of the expropriation in relation to the future development potential is key to determining the value.

Project Management

PLG can put together a specialized design team for your project, combining our in-house expertise and our associated consultant network. Depending on the project, we can provide the talent and skills to create the right team for your project. PLG acts as the project lead to successfully manage projects through municipal and other governmental approval agencies.


We have an integrated project team of planners, engineers, biologists, certified sustainable building advisors and qualified environmental professionals to help you implement a sustainable project. We pride ourselves on continued education of the latest technologies in such areas as building technology, stormwater management, and sediment and erosion control.

Public Consultation

Meaningful public consultation and community engagement are essential elements of a successful project. Better projects, better communities and better cities are created when there is meaningful engagement with the local community. PLG’s staff work well with community resident associations, environmental advocacy groups and local residents. PLG can create a public consultation program that suits your project and surrounding community.