Land Expropriation, Land Acquisition & Land Disposition

Land use assessments are used in land acquisition, land disposition, land valuation and expropriation cases. Land Use Assessment reports provide necessary input for determining a property's market value. Land Use evaluation strategies are also used to assess development and financial impacts of a partial taking for public rights-of-way, litigation matters, and encroachment of public works on private property.

We have prepared numerous land acquisition and disposition assessments and expropriation impact assessments - for private land owners, property appraisers, municipal governments, senior government agencies, financial institutions, developers and investor groups. While the study approach is essentially similar in each case - the impetus for the study, the manner in which the information is used, and the physical characteristics of each site are always unique.

Study Process

In determining the land development potential or land taking impacts on a subject property, we will typically prepare one or more conceptual pre-taking and post-taking site plans to determine a property's optimal development potential - i.e., confirmation of net developable site areas, floor area/unit yields, etc. Our land use analyses are supported by a detailed planning rationale, and consider all pertinent factors, including:

  • Property size and location
  • Physical site characteristics
  • Official Community Plan designation(s)
  • Existing and proposed zoning
  • Regulations in effect at the time of taking
  • Municipal planning and land use policies
  • Required environmental setbacks and dedications
  • Market supply/demand conditions
  • Feasibility and cost of servicing the land
  • Site access opportunities
  • Surrounding land use context
  • Local development activity
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Key Benefits

Our expropriation impact assessments:

  • Clearly identify land taking impacts subject property utilization
  • Enable property appraisers to establish a more precise market value
  • Help simplify the negotiation process
  • Allow settlements to be reached in a more timely manner

Our Land Development Assessments

  • Clearly ID maximum property utilization
  • Take into account applicable jurisdictional and technical parameters
  • Market and Political influences
  • Physical site characteristics
  • Other influences such as environmental sensitivity

Our Clients

  • BentallGreenOak
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  • District of West Vancouver
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  • Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP
  • Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Peterson Stark Scott Barristers and Solicitors
  • Robertson, Downe, & Mullally LLP
  • Township of Langley
  • Trotman Auto Group

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