Pacific Land Group Success Stories

"I am writing to formally record our appreciation for the very good work on the land use analysis. It was a complicated issue requiring considerable professional expertise."
- Barry Moss, President
  Mayfair Resources Inc.


  • British Pacific Properties Ltd.
  • District of West Vancouver


In April 2006, the Ministry of Transportation acquired land for the purpose of constructing the new Sea to Sky Highway alignment through certain portions of the Subject Properties. Pacific Land Resource Group Inc. was commissioned to prepare an independent planning opinion regarding the pre- and post- taking development potential of the surrounding area.


  • Land Area Before Taking: 515.3 acres (208.5 hectare)
  • Land Area After Taking: 476.7 acres (192.9 hectare)
  • Loss of Units: 200
  • Identified specific post taking density loss for the preparation of an appraisal report