Land Survey

Our surveying group is led by a qualified British Columbia Land Surveyor (BCLS), and our survey team has over 105 years of combined professional land survey experience in the Lower Mainland and British Columbia.

Oleg Verbenkov
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Talk to us about Land Surveying. Please contact Oleg a senior planner and senior project manager with over 30 years of combined public and private sector experience in managing land use and development matters. Understanding exactly what needs to be surveyed (topographic, trees, top of bank, extent of road way and utilities) is critical in order to build a base for a successful project.

Topographic Survey

Topographic surveys are essential in determining the existing natural features on-site, and are used to aid the planning and development process. On-site gathering of information, through the use of modern and up-to-date surveying tools and computers, ensure efficiency and accuracy. Our topographic survey services include: field investigations of natural features (including watercourse and top-of-bank locations, tree survey, elevations, etc.), establishing of natural boundaries (eg. watercourse), inventory of existing buildings/building foundations on site, cross-sectioning of intersections and roads, and consultation & management services.

Legal Survey

Our survey team is experienced in the preparation and filing of a variety of plans (Right-of-way, covenant, easement, road dedication, subdivision, consolidation and reference plans, etc.), relating to land development, at the Land Title Office. Other survey services include: buildings floor area ratios, common and bare land strata, building location surveys, environmental features and tree surveys.