Permits and Approvals

PLG’s environmental team is highly versed in federal, provincial and municipal environmental bylaws, and local government policies, and is committed to helping you achieve environmental compliance in connection with your development goals. PLG’s Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) are aware that any delay to our clients can have significant impacts on project budgets and timelines. Our QEPs are experienced in taking our clients through the permitting and approval process, which may include assistance with determining what environmental requirements are applicable to your property (e.g., slope stability assessment, arborist assessment), management of any necessary permits and approvals by elected officials, and preparation of applications and reports for submission to governing bodies. Some proposed development activities that may require permits include, but are not limited to:

  • Instream works
    • Bank stabilization (e.g., rip-rap armouring)
    • Fish and/or wildlife salvage/collection
    • Watercourse crossing construction (e.g., bridge/culvert installation)
    • Watercourse relocation/infilling
  • Soil excavation/removal
  • New construction (e.g., site grading/soil deposit)
  • Tree removal/cutting
Talk to us

Talk to our environmental professionals. Please contact Kyla, a QEP with experience in watercourse assessments, Riparian Area Protection Regulation (RAPR) assessments, bird nest surveys, fish and wildlife salvages, environmental monitoring, and the preparation of Ecosystem Development Plans (EDP), Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), and Invasive Species Management Plans (ISMP).

Ecosystem Development Plan (EDP)

The City of Surrey's Ecosystem Development Plan (EDP) is part of an adopted regulatory process that affects how certain development projects proceed. The City's bylaw states that Sensitive Ecosystem Development Permit (DP3) approval from the City of Surrey is required for any proposed development activity within 50 meters of a watercourse and/or City designated Green Infrastructure Networks/Hubs. Our QEPs are able to take you through the environmental development process, and prepare applications and reports for submission to governing bodies. Read more...

Natural Environment Development Plan

Natural Environment Development Plans (NEDP) are bylaws adopted by the City of Abbotsford, similar to the City of Surrey’s Ecosystem Development Plan (EDP), which affect the way development projects are allowed to proceed within 50 meters of streams or classified sensitive ecosystem lands (as per Metro Vancouver’s Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory). Read more...

Water Sustainability Act Change Approval and Notification

Under Section 11 of the Provincial Water Sustainability Act (WSA), a Change Approval is required if an applicant wishes to request permission to eliminate (e.g., closure/infill), modify, or significantly re-locate an existing waterbody.

Under Part 3 of the Water Sustainability Regulation (WSR), a Notification of Authorized Changes (i.e., Notification) is required if an applicant wishes to complete instream activities that typically have minimal impact on the environment and third parties (e.g., culvert/headwall installations, bridge crossings, maintenance/repair works, etc.).