Natural Environment Development Plan

A Development Permit within the City of Abbotsford

Natural Environment Development Plans (NEDPs) are bylaws adopted by the City of Abbotsford, similar to the City of Surrey’s Ecosystem Development Process (EDP) process, which affect the way development projects are allowed to proceed within 50 meters of streams or classified sensitive ecosystem lands (as per Metro Vancouver’s Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory).

These bylaws (outlined in the NEDP guidelines) will consider not only potential fish habitat, but will consider additional features such as wildlife corridors, public access routes, and other natural features within the City of Abbotsford with respect to a proposed development.

NEDP guidelines are intended to allow land to be used for its intended purposes, while also protecting, enhancing and/or restoring the City’s natural environmental areas; prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species; and protect water quality and quantity. PLG’s QEPs are able to prepare and submit NEDP applications to the City of Abbotsford on behalf of a Client, in accordance with NEDP guidelines.

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