P-15 Monitoring

As part of the City of Surrey’s policy number P-15, all riparian planting completed as part of habitat compensation works for proposed development are required to adhere to a P-15 Agreement. The P-15 Agreement requires yearly monitoring of plantings and planting area by a QEP for a project-specific duration defined by the City (typically a 5 year term).

This policy was implemented to ensure that the City doesn’t inherit compensation works that are incomplete and those that cannot perform the necessary habitat impact mitigation. After the 5 year monitoring period is complete, the City is expected to take over monitoring and maintenance of the dedicated area. When lands are dedicated to the City under the P-15 Agreement, these lands become protected areas no longer available for other civic purposes.

PLG’s environmental staff is experienced in guiding our clients through the P-15 Monitoring process and are able to prepare a detailed planting plan and landscape cost estimate over a 5 year period for the monitoring and maintenance of the piece of land to be dedicated.

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Talk to our environmental professionals. Please contact Melissa, a Registered Professional Biologist (RP.Bio) and BC Certified Erosion Sediment Control Lead (BC-CESCL) with experience in environmental and watercourse assessments, Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) assessments, habitat restoration, invasive vegetation management, bird nest surveys, water quality and Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) monitoring, and the preparation of environmental reports and regulatory permits/approvals.