Ecological Baseline Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment

An ecological assessment can be used to evaluate the existing environmental potential of a site before proposed development activities are carried out. These assessments can be used to identify potential adverse environmental effects and propose measures to mitigate these environmental impacts.

Our Environmental Resource Division has the expertise in conducting thorough field analyses [e.g., Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)], in accordance with municipal and provincial government regulations and land use planning requirements.

An EIA may be required depending on the location of a proposed development in BC and its proximity to known environmentally sensitive areas. The components included in an EIA depend on the scope of a project. Our QEPs are experienced in assessing proposed projects and preparing applications that adhere to regulatory guidelines.

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Talk to our environmental professionals. Please contact Kyla,a QEP with experience in watercourse assessments, Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) assessments, bird nest surveys, fish and wildlife salvages, environmental monitoring, and the preparation of Ecosystem Development Plans (EDP), Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), and Invasive Species Management Plans (ISMP).