Surface Reclamation and Re-Vegetation

PLG’s environmental team can provide clients with various reclamation services, including habitat restoration plan preparation, re-vegetation plan preparation, and follow up monitoring.

Our environmental staff are experienced in preparing suitable restoration and planting plans that are designed according to site specific needs. Our staff collaborate with other development consultants (e.g., landscape architects) to ensure that we are able to accommodate our clients’ needs while also remaining in compliance with local regulations. Follow-up monitoring visits can be performed to inspect if areas have been maintained. We are also available and qualified to supervise and complete riparian planting projects that have been created to restore and enhance streamside areas and aquatic habitat.


Talk to us

Talk to our environmental professionals. Please contact Melissa, a Registered Professional Biologist (RP.Bio) and BC Certified Erosion Sediment Control Lead (BC-CESCL) with experience in environmental and watercourse assessments, Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) assessments, habitat restoration, invasive vegetation management, bird nest surveys, water quality and Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) monitoring, and the preparation of environmental reports and regulatory permits/approvals.