Pacific Land Use Success Project

"I am writing to formally record our appreciation for the very good work on the land use analysis. It was a complicated issue requiring considerable professional expertise."
- Barry Moss, President
  Mayfair Resources Inc.

West Maple Ridge Lands

65 Ha. / 160 Ac. agricultural reserved land in west Maple Ridge, to be excluded from ALC and rezoned for industrial use.

Agricultural Land Projects: Wext Maple Ridge Lands - Pacific Land Group Land Use Planning.


  • West Maple Ridge Land Management Ltd.


  • Subject Properties: 180 acres (73 hectares)
  • ALR Exclusion: 160 acres (65 hectare)
  • Industrial Park: 133.4 acres (54 hectare)
  • Industrial Park: 133.4 acres (54 hectare)
  • ALR Application
  • Subdivision Plan